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Communicator. Photographer. Connoisseur. Entrepreneur.
Regular Guy.

Meet David Moncur

I believe the creative mind is an empty box, full of mirrors. That creative ideas are reflections of our own inspiration, and inspiration is found in the observations and experiences we collect from the world around us. Without the ability to continually discover and gather inspiration in everyday life, our ideas become something we’ve already seen before, and creativity is lost.

For me, creativity has always been my greatest passion, and creative communication has become my purpose. That’s why I even bothered to start a blog in the first place—to build a tangible place where I can stream my ideas and inspiration and share them with literally anyone willing to listen, because I always have something to say.

Moncur is my moniker and also the name of my branding agency. But Think is my blog, and it isn’t just about life as a modern day ad man, it’s about me. My observations. My experiences. My interests. My opinions. My work. My knowledge. My insights. My thoughts.

And those thoughts are unapologetically David. Hopefully they inspire you.

#Leaders become great, not because of their #power, but because of their ability to #empower others.

Ultimately, being an #entrepreneur isn’t about having enough resources, but being #resourceful with what you do have.

In presentations, no one is buying the info, they’re buying the person presenting the info. It’s about #confidence, #personality & #trust.

meet david moncur

Don’t be afraid to stand out. The people who stand out are a lot of things; they are authentic, confident and unique. Those who own their uniqueness, without hesitation, empower their ability to make a difference in the world.

The Creative Mind is an Empty Box

The Creative Mind is an Empty Box

The very best creative minds are constantly looking around and experiencing creative ideas everywhere.
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What I Wear to Work

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Face-to-Face with Mankind’s Most Impressive Flying Machines

Face-to-Face with Mankind’s Most Impressive Flying Machines

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