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Lettering Lunches for the Littles

Lettering Lunches for the Littles

October 27, 2017 | by David Moncur

I believe that good design makes everything better. Anything well-designed creates a better and more exciting experience—especially when it comes to food. At my house, good food and good design go hand-in-hand.

Several years ago, I was motivated to make meals something to look forward to, so I started personalizing my kids’ lunch bags with hand lettering. I have a long history with hand lettering—but that’s another story—basically, it’s something I had to learn, I’ve done a lot of, and I continue to do.

Lettering my kids’ lunch bags started off as a good challenge for me. It got my brain working first thing in the morning and pushed me to come up with creative ways to represent their names and initials. It was fun to make a mundane bag cool, and my kids (and their friends and teachers) ended up really enjoying them too. In fact, my youngest daughter, Parker, brought home, cut out and kept all her favorite bag designs.

It became a thing of pride.

Each day I combine different letter forms with lines and doodles that reflect what’s happening in life—a football game, an upcoming vacation, etc. Because of this routine, I find myself more inspired by the typography I see in my daily life (and OK…also on Pinterest when I’m really stuck). Surprisingly, with only the names of my four children, a standard brown paper bag and a black Pilot G-2 1.0 pen, the possibilities are endless.

My children span in age (and all but one are off to college now), but when they were living at home, I’d letter and pack each one of them a lunch every single morning they were with me. If you run the numbers on that, I’ve created nearly 3,000 bags to date. With only one child left at home now, my creative days of lettering lunch bags are numbered. 264 to be exact.

But who’s counting…:)

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