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A Letter to My iPhone

A Letter to My iPhone

November 24, 2017 | by David Moncur

Dear iPhone,

Your intelligent design and accessible interface far surpasses the others. You’re always with me – tucked inside my jacket pocket, my jean pocket or in my ✋🏻 . There to give me a friendly buzz when my 🌎  is trying to reach me.

You are my primary computing device. More regularly useful than my 💻 , you shrink my applications into apps and put everything I need at my fingertips. I keep you incredibly busy—making lists, taking notes, checking my 📧  and 🗓 —you provide a space for me to log all the things taking place to keep my life organized and on track.

You are also my primary communicating device. You keep me akin to everyone that matters and make meaningful connections as simple as a text message. And for all the personal and business 📞  calls I take, you handle 7,000+ minutes a month like a champ.

Unlocking you, I find myself at home, where the things I use and ❤️  the most are always waiting for me. When I need to do business, platforms like Dropbox, Basecamp, Tick and Hootsuite are a tap away. When I travel, ✈️Delta, Uber and Waze are ready to get me efficiently from place to place. When I need to be social, I can post, tweet, snap and link in to my favorite communities.

I should also mention that you’re a great listener—I can talk to text, email, or 🔎  and you intelligently iterate my dictation in digital form. Oh, and British-setting Siri is a pleasure to chat with—her enunciation is impeccable and she always pronounces my kids’ names correctly!

You really do impress me. Your high quality 📷  constantly captures my experiences and lets me filter them to express a suitable mood. Your screen responds to my👆🏼 and even recognizes my fingerprint. You know me so well that I feel like a need to shield you with an overprotective-father-like Otter Box case—for I would be devastated if you were harmed or if I ever lost you.

At times, our relationship is unhealthy—you can distract me and make me feel too reliant or addicted to you (I’ve finally put my 🍬Crush and Angry Birds days behind me). Sometimes, I vindictively refer to you as my ‘electronic tether.’ But, in all honesty, I don’t know how I would do it all without you and recognize that you are an extension of me.

There are a countless ways in which I appreciate your existence and everything you offer. But, most of all, you help me get 💩  done.



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