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Style Insights from a Brand Snob

Style Insights from a Brand Snob

September 29, 2018 | by David Moncur

There is nothing I can control more directly than my own experience—and I strive to live a creative life. When it comes to my style, I’m an explorer. I love discovering new things, creating new combinations, and I tend to change my look often.

Life is always changing and I think my style reflects that. The Canali and Prada suits I wore five years ago were awesome at the time, but have now been replaced by new finds Varvatos and Hugo Boss. That said, there are some items in my closet that seem to accumulate, like button-up shirts (you can never have too many) and shoes (I might have too many). Even with the constant evolution of my personal style, there are still a few general rules I live by.

Find the Right Balance

For me, establishing a look is all about balancing the right elements. I like clothes that are fitted, but not too tight, and light materials that give me some structure but are also flexible enough for layering. And lucky for me, I’m blessed with being exactly the right height and weight to perfectly fit into the industry-standard clothing designed for my size.

As for balancing things from a visual standpoint, I have fun mashing up different combos in my closet—there is an eclectic nature to men’s fashion that I really dig. The key for me is picking pieces that establish a good color palette, create some contrast and just look cool. However, when people try too hard to make everything about their outfit look cool, it never works. I always try to pick a single statement piece and build my outfit around that.

Dress a Step Above for Every Event

As a creative business professional, I always want to be dressed appropriately for whatever event I’m attending, but I also want to stand out. To do that, I always dress one step above what I expect everyone else to wear. And following that rule, I have never once felt overdressed for any occasion. Plus, if I show up in something different, it makes me unique.

Also, shoes seem to dictate how formal an outfit is for me. If I’m dressed casual and want to take it up a notch, I’ll grab my Armani loafers, and if I want to take my look down a notch, I go for everyday shoes like Common Projects or Nisolos.

Try Something New

I always want my look to be a unique expression; so I try to create that by continually exploring different trends. I’m inspired by brands that evolve with the times and do a lot of modern, creative and innovative things. I also subscribe to GQ and enjoy flipping through pages and finding things I didn’t expect. Trends will always come and go, but that’s the beauty of fashion—there is always something new to try.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with men’s accessories, specifically bracelets, and am finding many different styles and ways to wear them—figuring out exactly how to pull them off has been a fun challenge for me. Oh, and I’m really into glasses and enjoy trying out new frames, especially ones from Morgenthal Frederics.

Dress for Yourself

I tend to spend money on the things that I love that I think reflect my style, and I value craftsmanship when it comes to design. I look for fine materials, precision construction and things that appear to be meticulously made. Varvatos does this cool contrast stitching on their t-shirts; King Baby does amazing metal etching; Shinola produces the highest possible quality. The point is, I don’t just buy something I like, I notice the details and hold out for something I love—something unique.

Most of all, I dress for myself, not for other people. When I’m comfortable, I’m far more confident, and confidence is the best addition to any outfit.

Photography by Jenny Risher

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