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Get inside the mind behind the silver glasses…

Creating a Powerful Logo

Learn about the creative process we take at Moncur to produce a professional logo that stands out in the market.

3 Steps to Writing a Marketing Message that Works

A "how to" in engaging audiences, from experience.

The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace

A story of an old coffee mug and what recognition means.

Rants from a CEO: Stop Trying So Hard to Look Busy, I’ll Respect You More

Find out what work behavior impresses me most.

Face-to-Face with Mankind’s Most Impressive Flying Machines

An amazing photo shoot at the Museum of Flight.

5 Key Characteristics of a Great Leader

I find that there are five key characteristics that empower great leadership.

A Letter to My iPhone

Dear iPhone, Your intelligent design and accessible interface far surpasses the others. You’re always with me...

Lettering Lunches for the Littles

I believe that good design makes everything better. At my house, good food and good design go hand-in-hand.

Style Insights from a Brand Snob

I’m inspired by brands that evolve with the times and do a lot of modern, creative and innovative things.

Unleash the Power of Social Selling in 5 Steps

The key to succeeding in social selling comes down to having a smart strategy. Care to know what mine is?

Capturing the Perfect Portrait

To me, capturing the right moment with a camera is a lot like surfing. You have to know how to catch the waves.

The Creative Mind is an Empty Box

The very best creative minds are constantly looking around and experiencing creative ideas everywhere.
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